Budget for 2023/24

Financial Information Uploaded on January 27, 2023

Every year the parish council is required to identify the funds it will need to deliver its services for the following year. Most of the council’s income is provided in the form of the precept, which is collected by Wychavon District Council from all of the parish’s council tax-paying residents as part of the council tax bill. For 2023/24 the precept required is £35,993 which will impact on the individual Band D Tibberton Parish household by a total for the year of £111.53.

Despite rises in the cost of living, the parish council has retained the impact as the same for the previous year 2022/23.

The District Council determines the council tax base figure which is based on the number of council taxpaying households in the parish. For 2023/24 this figure is 322.72. The amount payable by the Band D council taxpaying household is calculated by dividing the precept amount £35,993 by the council tax base figure, 322.72. Each of the other bands is a different 9th of Band D…

    • Band A households (6/9) will pay £74.35
    • Band B households (7/9) will pay £86.74
    • Band C households (8/9) will pay £93.14
    • Band D households (9/9) will pay £111.53
    • Band E households (11/9) will pay £136.31
    • Band F households (13/9) will pay £161.09
    • Band G households (15/9) will pay £185.88
    • Band H households (18/9) will pay £223.06.
    • Details of the budget showing how the council has planned for those funds to be spent are on the attached document.