Planning log

Planning Uploaded on June 24, 2023

The parish council is one of a number of statutory consultees notified by the Planning Authority, Wychavon District Council, of all relevant planning applications within Tibberton parish borders.

Council members respond to the consultation as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community and within the constraints of ‘material considerations‘ alongside national policy (National Planning Policy Framework, NPPF) and the planning authority’s policies

The parish council’s comments are submitted, within 21 days of notification, to the district council where the decision to either approve or refuse the application is taken by that authority’s professional planning officers working with the district council members through their planning committee.

The views of residents on any consultation are always welcome.

The spreadsheet attached provides information on all consultations within Tibberton notified over the last few years. Additional detail on each application is available from the Wychavon District Council website planning search pages.