White Gates update

Update on the White Gates

The council placed the order for the White Gates in January. We have just received this reply from Glasdon, the suppliers…

“I’m sorry to say we still do not have the necessary stock of these gateways as we have had some delays along the way, therefore our original stocking date has now slipped.

So the latest estimate is that the stock will be available w/c 27th March I’m afraid, so realistically we anticipate having the goods assembled and shipped early April.

I can only apologise for the delays. Without wanting to go into the fine details, worldwide shipping demand has lessened slowing down shipments from certain part of the globe and these increases have affected the timelines for the component stock to arrive.

We sincerely hope you can accommodate the delay however please let us know how you wish to proceed.”

The council will continue to wait for delivery, now expected during April.

Gill Lungley

Acting Clerk, 07/03/2023

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