Minutes: Extraordinary meeting held 11th October 2022

Minutes Uploaded on December 29, 2022

Tibberton Parish Council: minutes of meeting held 11/10/2022 1
Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on Tuesday 11th October 2022
1. Attendance
Present: Chairman Margaret Rowley, Vice-Chairman Michael Doolin, Rob Grimer, Chris Hartwright, Eve Holding, Mike Leci, Diana Nutting
Apologies: None
In attendance: Jeanette Hill (Clerk) via Microsoft Teams.
21 members of the public
2. Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest or requests for the Council to grant a dispensation under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011.
3. Minutes of Previous Meetings of the Council
a) the minutes of the ordinary meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th July 2022, were adopted subject to the inclusion of the statement made by Margaret Rowley at the start of the meeting.
Proposed Michael Doolin, seconded Mike Leci. Carried 4 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention.
b) the minutes of the extraordinary Meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on 12th July 2022 were adopted including the statement by Chris Hartwright and Eve Holding that they had believed that they had been excluded from some Parish Council emails.
Proposed Rob Grimer, seconded Mike Leci. Carried 4 in favour, 1 against, 2 abstentions.
c) the minutes of the extraordinary Meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on 2nd August 2022 were adopted subject to an amendment that according to the financial regulations the need to obtain three quotes does not apply to contracts for the supply of utilities such as electricity. References were also removed to Michael Doolin having rudely interrupted Eve Holding.
Proposed Margaret Rowley, Seconded Michael Doolin. Carried 4 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention.
d) the minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on 18th August 2022 adopted subject to the deletion of references to Michael Doolin having a pecuniary interest in the canopy at the Bridge Inn. Michael Doolin dispensation was added as was his reason for leaving the meeting, that he disagreed with holding an item in confidential session.
Proposed Margaret Rowley, seconded Rob Grimer. Carried 4 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention
e) The minutes of the ordinary meeting of Tibberton Parish council held on Tuesday 6th September 2022 were adopted subject to the clarification of that the height of a proposed planning application should not obtrude on the view of Rectory Farmhouse.
Proposed Rob Grimer, seconded Margaret Rowley. Carried unanimously.
f) The minutes of the meeting of the ordinary meeting of Tibberton Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th October were not available at the time of this meeting.
4. Response to the Questions by Tibberton Action Group
The chairman read out her responses to the second statement by Tibberton Action Group. There was a further discussion about the delay in getting the village hall lease to the Community Land Trust. Proposal from Michael Doolin that a parish councillor be deputed to speak to the solicitor to ascertain the current situation with the lease.
Proposed Michael Doolin, Seconded Diana Nutting Carried 3 in favour, 2 against 2 abstentions.
ACTION: Rob Grimer to contact the council’s solicitor to ascertain the current situation with the village hall lease.
5. Report of the local police officer
Margaret Rowley emailed the police officer to attend the meeting, specifically to address the issue of their policy on harassment. No response has been received.
6. The report of the County Councillor
None received
7. Reports by Councillors representing the Council on Outside Bodies
a) Neighbourhood Watch -Mike Leci
76 households have signed up to Neighbourhood Watch, but 75% of the village is needed to achieve the aim of Smartwater property marking being virtually free to all members
b) Community Speed Watch – Margaret Rowley reported that 8 Sessions had been held in September, average 269 cars per hour, 50 speeders (2.3%), top speed 46mph
c) Tibberton Community Land Trust – Rob Grimer said that the TCLT are waiting for the arrival of the lease. The TCLT are looking for people to join.
d) County Association of Local Councils Margaret Rowley attended a recent CALC meeting and obtained some information about responding to Freedom of Information requests.
ACTION Michael Doolin to identify skills needed by Parish Councillors
Proposed Margaret Rowley, Seconded Michael Doolin. Carried unanimously.
e) Telephone Kiosk Working Group reported on progress on the refurbishment. A vote of thanks was given by the parish council to the volunteers working on the kiosk.
f) Website – Rob Grimer reported that there is a great deal of information needed
ACTION – Rob Grimer and Diana Nutting to work on the layout, statutory information and “nice to have” items that are needed.
8. Highways and Byways
Lengthsman has reported flytipping and flooding to Wychavon. Hawthorn Rise has now been adopted (July 22nd). There is an untidy hedge now probably in the County Council’s remit.
VAS sign currently not working.
White Gates – not a lot has happened
Bridge signs are confusing
Public Rights of Way – nothing to report
ACTION Margaret Rowley to contact Marc Bayliss to confirm who is the responsible for the hedge.
ACTION – Mike Leci to contact the local Highways Liason Officer to move along the white gates delays.
9. Freedom of Information Request
There is significant delay and confusion on this issue. The clerk to send a summary of action so far to the chairman.
ACTION – Margaret Rowley and the clerk to consider the ICOs correspondence and report back to the Council before the next meeting.
10. Formalisation of Tibberton Parish Council Employment Documentation
Proposal to adopt the recommended documentation as provided by CALC
• Contract of Employment
• Key employment policies
• Grievance Procedure
• Disciplinary Procedure
• Other key good employment practices
• Job descriptions
• Appraisal process
Proposed Michael Doolin, Seconded Margaret Rowley. Carried unanimously
11. Code of Conduct
Proposal to accept the document recommended by Wychavon District Council’s Monitoring Officer. Proposed Rob Grimer Seconded Diana Nutting. Carried unanimously
12. Finance
No report received due to no financial activities.
Rob Grimer asked about the need to turn on the heating in the new village hall.
ACTION – Rob Grimer to make sure the pipes don’t freeze
13. Correspondence
The planning inspector has rejected the appeal on the canopy on the Bridge.
Online Briefing meeting on the new South Worcestershire Development Plan is available on 20th October 2022
14. Items for inclusion on the next future agenda
• Skills matrix
• Information needed for the website
• Freedom of information policy
• Monthly finance reports
15. Date of Next Meeting
The next ordinary meeting of Tibberton Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 1st November 2022 at 7.30 at Tibberton Parish Hall. Members of the public and press were cordially invited to be present.
Chairman 1st November 2022