Agenda: Annual Parish Meeting 24th May 2022

Parish Annual Meetings Uploaded on December 29, 2022

Tuesday 24th May 2022 at 7.30pm
Tibberton Parish Hall, Plough Road, Tibberton
This is a meeting for parishioners, community representatives and local groups to share information, provide updates on activities and ask questions. All welcome.
1.Welcome and receipt of apologies.
2.Brief review of the last Annual Parish Meeting 27/4/21.
3.Report from the Council – summary of main business undertaken in the last year and the road ahead (Chair)
4. Report from West Mercia Police.
5. Reports from Councillors Marc Bayliss (WCC) & Margaret Rowley (WDC)
6.Updates from Parish Councillors:

  • – Neighbourhood Watch – Mike Leci
    – Parish Paths – Rob Grimer
    – Community Speed Watch – Margaret Rowley
    – Tibberton Parish Hall Management Committee – Rob Grimer
    – Neighbourhood Plan – Margaret Rowley

7.Updates from other Parish Organisations including:
– Community Hub
– Tibberton CLT
– Jubilee Group
8.Questions/ open discussion from members of the public.

Signed: Chair of Tibberton Parish Council
Date: 18th May 2022
Tibberton Parish Council